domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Phil Lee, Country Pirata y Outlaw

Ha sido como un bombazo, un disco que escuchas solamente porque la portada te pone ( la de su último disco "The Fall and Further Decline of the Mighty King of Love") y descubres un artista desde ese momento básico en tu vida. Cuatro disco como cuatro soles y auténticos elogios como estos en la prensa:

"Brash and literate and full of one-liners. He’s like the love child of Bob Dylan and Joan Rivers.”
"The Mighty King of Love is back, sounding as much like Dylan’s twisted kid brother as he ever did, and hauling along with him a particularly luminous cast of Nashville’s finest…"
“It’s pretty damn fine. Phil Lee is a weathered, wizened troubadour, and he sounds like the sort of guy you’d cross at your own peril. But his lyrics are strong and paint evocative pictures. And the musicianship and arrangement is a tasty balance of laid-back and tight-as-a-duck’s ass. The songs all sound as if they were cut with all the effects knobs turned to zero: no bullshit studio trickery for this guy. And that approach suits him well, on songs like the NSFW “Blues in Reverse,” which is sexy, sassy and swaggering all at once…engaging presence”
 Aquí os dejo su enorme discografia. Yo me voy ha hacer con los cuatro en formato físico cuanto antes.





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parramata dijo...

te as lucido amigo

Carlos dijo...

Simply excellent. Thanks !!

bernardo de andres herrero dijo...

Su discografía me parece excelente. este ultimo todavía no lo he paladeado suficiente pero el primero hasta la saciedad el verano pasado

PataPalo dijo...

Tremendo Phil

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